Buy Local and Save Cash on Produce

What are the pros and cons of subscribing to your local, volunteer run produce co-op vs. online delivery services like Hungry Harvest and Imperfect Produce? They could mean a lot to the well being of your community.

In the Spirit of Zero Waste (and the Satisfaction of Shredding Paper)

When I buy co-op produce, it always ends up dumped into a bin, bag free. I follow this same spirit in store.

…Back at home it was time to let some jam packed compost already at work rest, and make room for a new starter batch. Find out how much I love my paper shredder and how to put yours to use in all the right ways too.

Will the Amazon become the next Dust Bowl?

With the recent devastating wildfires in the states, and now the fires raging in the Amazon, my kids have been watching closely and wondering what is going on!? … Tonight’s extensive PBS NewsHour report was an eye-opener regarding Brazilian politics and rate of deforestation going on in the Amazon, its scientific relation to increasing drought, and those rebound effects which may stress remaining forest into an eventual die-out.

HonestKids Drink Pouches are Recyclable – and from home!

Don’t buy pouches if you don’t intend to recycle – because they don’t have to be trash!

How to Celebrate Birthday without Cake…or a Unique “Treat” Idea for Schools

With the start of the school year and all the birthdays we celebrate in class, I was brainstorming an alternative to unnecessarily sweet, and allergy-risky treats in the classroom. What could be a fun activity for students and leave a lasting impact on their generation (and the school itself)?

The Super Recycling Crusade Has Begun!

It’s official. I hand delivered the 600+ take-home bags for collecting “not trash” items to the faculty, staff and their classrooms today. Now it’s up to us and all our peers to spread the word and remind everyone what is SUPER RECYCLING!