Adopt-a-Street with Your School: Raising a More Sustainable Community

Adopt-a-Street with your school and raise a more sustainable community! This past weekend my kids and I participated in our city’s “Trash Bash.” Together, organized with volunteers from the local school, we covered roughly a mile stretch of local road to remove trash that might otherwise end up in the ditches and waterways.

The Kids Make a Sustainable Impact.

The youngest of us was 3, and though he may have only picked up a bit, he was certainly cued into what was going on. Raising it like a trophy, our 4 year old knew that glass beer bottle did not belong. And neither did candy wrappers blown into bushes and other oddities. I found chunks of broken plastic most likely fallen from cars making their way into storm drains. And there were at least two tires. How an individual leaves a flat tire by the roadside beats me. Perhaps they never picked up trash for their community as a kid.

My 6 year old and the middle and high school aged kids were taking it all much more seriously and on a mission to get every bit. They didn’t even like the rotting pieces of plywood on the sidewalk. And they especially did not appreciate the apathetic smokers (too many butts!).

Cigarette butts are toxic plastic pollution. Should they be banned?” by Tik Root

It was nice to know they felt responsibility for what was going on. I went into it a bit concerned the kids would find it a drag, but we came out pretty resilient. My 8 year old was at a soccer game – but already knowing her feelings about pollution and her complaints on being double-booked, I didn’t feel so bad about her missing out.

All Around Positive Results.

All in all almost eight bags of trash. Driving by before our pickup, the street looked fairly pristine. But getting a hands on perspective was pretty eye opening. With our area’s crazy storms, torrential winds and downpours, you know all of that will eventually end up in our water. So we were all glad to have helped. I know that I was grateful for all the volunteers. In other words, this is no doubt a community project.

Another positive that struck me was the visual impact that we had as members of the local community. By walking that street as a group of all ages, we were a walking advertisement for neighborly good deeds. So when bystanders walked or drove by, there was a good connection being made. The kids heard bountiful “thank you’s” directed at them as they inched along.

The best part for me was driving down that road after, with the littles. “Check it out!” I did sense a glint in their eyes and perhaps a little pride. They were proud to say they could not spot a single piece of trash on our little adopted street, and hoped others would do the same for more roads in town.

Go Out and Bash Your Own Trash!

Check out this upcoming trash bash for the the Trinity River and Lewisville Lake! It is a great opportunity to keep trash out of the water and celebrate Texas Arbor Day while planting trees at Lake Park.

Adopt-a-Street with your school or organization and raise a more sustainable community today.

A few links to area “Adoption” information:

City of Fort Worth:

Adopt a Highway:

If you are a large scale business or corporation interested in roadside highway advertising, check out DOT Partners – Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation (

Banner photo of helping hands by from Pexels.

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