Fall Monarchs & Seed Head Harvests with Kids

For our family, fall in Texas means returning monarchs and seed head harvests with the kids. Its the time of year when life reawakens. It is also a time of planting for monarch’s return.

How to Celebrate Birthday without Cake…or a Unique “Treat” Idea for Schools

With the start of the school year and all the birthdays we celebrate in class, I was brainstorming an alternative to unnecessarily sweet, and allergy-risky treats in the classroom. What could be a fun activity for students and leave a lasting impact on their generation (and the school itself)?

“Snow on the Prairie”: research for an opioid alternative blooms in our own backyard.

I was just driving my eldest home from ballet class yesterday evening when we passed a large patch of these on the roadside, and I wondered to myself, is this native? Oh how badly I wanted to just pull over (on this road with barely a shoulder) and snap a photo to ID it.

The Common Sense of Prescribing Nature

“I don’t know if people realize how important it is for people like me to be able to learn how to live in the world again, because trees are forgiving. The grass doesn’t judge you. The grass doesn’t care how squirrelly you seem to be that day. It doesn’t care. When I first started this, I’m like, oh, come on, seriously? Going outside is going to help what, really? But, amazingly so, it does help.” – Vercincia Vinzant as interviewed by Cat Wise for the PBS News Hour

The NWF Eco-Schools Challenge

Our latest issue of Ranger Rick magazine’s (rangerrick.org) extra cover jacket sported a short, almost hidden little column on “Empowering Students to be Environmental Stewards.” And it questioned whether our local schools were part of …

Solitary Bee Support

Over the summer, our mint went wild and so did its blooms which gave the kids and I a chance to really check out some bees. I purposely did not trim them down because we …

The Hairstreak Butterfly Mystery

After lunch, house quiet with kids playing or away at one of their day camps, I pop out into the garden to investigate and tend, always finding a pleasant mystery to share with the littles. …