TerraCycle® & Schools: Free Programs Changing Our World

TerraCycle® & Schools: Free Programs Changing Our World. Let’s talk about TerraCycle®, schools and free programs that are changing our world. I recently got involved with TerraCycle® and our local school, and the free programs …

Adopt-a-Street with Your School: Raising a More Sustainable Community

Adopt-a-Street with your school and raise a more sustainable community! This past weekend my kids and I participated in our city’s “Trash Bash.” Together, organized with volunteers from the local school, we covered roughly a mile stretch of local road to remove trash that might otherwise end up in the ditches and waterways.

In the Spirit of Zero Waste (and the Satisfaction of Shredding Paper)

When I buy co-op produce, it always ends up dumped into a bin, bag free. I follow this same spirit in store.

…Back at home it was time to let some jam packed compost already at work rest, and make room for a new starter batch. Find out how much I love my paper shredder and how to put yours to use in all the right ways too.

HonestKids Drink Pouches are Recyclable – and from home!

Don’t buy pouches if you don’t intend to recycle – because they don’t have to be trash!

The Super Recycling Crusade Has Begun!

It’s official. I hand delivered the 600+ take-home bags for collecting “not trash” items to the faculty, staff and their classrooms today. Now it’s up to us and all our peers to spread the word and remind everyone what is SUPER RECYCLING!

Walmart Teams up with Terracycle: Receive a $30 Gift Card for your Car Seat trade-in!

If you bring in your used car seat between the dates of September 16-30, 2019 at participating locations, you will receive a $30 gift card towards your future child purchases (see site to plug in your zip code and search your area).

The Serendipity of Anna Maltby’s “How to Waste Less Every Day” article in Real Simple Magazine

Most magazines annoy me because it’s all ads, and BUY BUY BUY. But this most recent publication of Real Simple just happened to land on my kitchen countertop, and instead of shuffling it aside (because mail strewn on my countertop is a top pet peeve), I flipped it open and found this beautifully compiled article on all things “less trash.”

Make Way for the Recycling Brigade!

Make Way for the Recycling Brigade! This year begins my saga as the school PTA’S Environment Chair and head of the Super Recycling Program!