Greta Thunberg and her Climate Mission

For a mom with children facing a quickly changing natural world, I see an individual crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat ready to speak before the world on something she strongly believes in and feel a motherly bond, and most certainly empathy for her pain.

She is able to recognize a future for her and the global community that needs a voice, and in spite of adversity and all the naysayers, and her Asperger’s diagnosis (which already makes public speaking a huge mountain to climb) – she is before the world presenting her heart and soul.

She arrives on our shores this week via her zero carbon vessel, and I will gladly point her cause out to my children.

I want them to witness this brave 16 year old, who will most likely become a cultural iconoclast of our generation, who has traversed the Atlantic to arrive in our country to speak on our changing climate. What can we do to make change for the good of us all, to care for one another?

Fridays for Future, NYC

If you watch her TED talk you can see she is speaking clearly and independently about her and really OUR cause. Give her a chance. Listen to what she has to say. Then see what you can physically do.

by Greta Thunberg

*Banner photo by Markus Spiske ( for

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