How to Celebrate Birthday without Cake…or a Unique “Treat” Idea for Schools

With the start of the school year and all the birthdays we celebrate in class, I was brainstorming an alternative to unnecessarily sweet, and allergy-risky treats in the classroom. What could be a fun activity for students and leave a lasting impact on their generation (and the school itself)?

Leah Namugerwa, a student climate activist from Uganda popped up on my Twitter feed announcing the celebration of birthdays with tree planting.

Our school campuses could certainly use a few more trees, but mainly more drought tolerant prairie natives. I would love for our local plant societies and nature centers to help get involved with inspiring teachers to plant these seeds in our gardens for our children’s birthdays. With 22 children in each class, imagine the potential growth and beauty in our landscapes!

Community gardens could also be established at colleges, universities, community centers and workplaces with birthday plantings in mind. Celebrate life with life – and not factory produced sweets that just leave me feeling concerned about my kid’s health in the end. And if you have to have the sweets, how about eating them in the newly planted garden instead.

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