Resources – Garden with Natives & Visit Your Natural Refuges.

Bluebonnets photo by nagaraju gajula from Pexels.

Resources – gardening with natives and visiting your natural refuges.

I firmly believe in taking kids outdoors and planting natives.

Native plants rebuild a once established web of biodiversity right outside your door. As a result, they also drastically cut down on water, fertilizer, and pesticide use. And don’t forget how those chemicals may harm your children, pets and waterways (and all the flora/fauna that needs our good stewardship). Support native plant retailers near you!

And if you live in Texas…

Check out this list of of approved retailers from Native American Seed to purchase your true Texas native plants. Shop small, grow local, and be Texas proud!

List of retailers at this link:

And watch Sara Dykman bike the 10,000 mile round trip journey of the monarch while promoting natives. (Also, check out her website, Beyond a Book)…

Beyond a Book. “Native Plants: what’s so special?” Youtube, 10 May 2017.

And once you’ve found your natives…

Pollinator friendly gardens bring nature back to you.

Create a pollinator friendly garden! You can start by checking out’s site. Firstly, it’s full of tips on ground bee support to butterflies. Secondly, it’s jam packed with useful gardening info. It even includes photos of a solitary bee‘s ground nest. (See below – would you confuse this with an ant hill?) Thirdly, I just love watching all her cool videos!

So now you’ve chosen the path of supporting neighborhood pollinators and wildlife. Certainly, your backyard and all its fascinating critters will thank you for it. And imagine what fun your kids will have discovering that world out there! To get started, select plants from this natives list local to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Last but not least…visit your local nature centers! Biodiversity wouldn’t happen without sanctuary. As a result, you’ll engage you and your child’s sense of wonder by supporting a natural refuge near you. And consequently, you’ll build lasting memories of a more beautiful world just the way nature intended. Think back on your best memories as a kid. Certainly at least one of those included some epic trip out of doors.

Our nearby refuges:

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge (

Bob Jones Nature Center ( *whose board is currently under transition to the City of Southlake

The Caddo-Lyndon B. Johnson National Grasslands (

Botanical Research Institute of Texas (

And a bit further but worth the trip! Big Bend National Park ( campsite reservations call 1-877-444-6777 or visit

I hope you found these resources helpful. Just remember – garden with natives and visit your natural refuges. Then take a step back and watch the rest fall into place.