Step Out of the Vice and into a More Peaceful Self

Step out of the vice of 2020. Between mind numbing news cycles and turbulence found on social media feeds, you have the choice to be present without the pain.

The Vice that is 2020.

2020 is, to put it lightly, a challenging year. Not much need be said other then the constant change and pressures of the world are upon us, minute by minute. But there is one blessing. At a moment’s notice, we have the choice to step out of the vice and into a moment of true presence.

The natural world is also before us, running on time that spans far beyond what we burn on our devices. It spins at a pace outside of comprehension, and yet we are very much part of its momentum.

Step Out of the Vice to Observe a Monarch
Newly emerged monarch butterfly soaking up the sun before it’s journey to Mexico, fall 2020.
Link to last fall’s monarch visitors.

National Geographic Link to the Monarch Butterfly

We as the caregivers of relationships foster connections based upon those which we make with our natural world.

We as caregivers of relationships have opportunity to foster connections based upon those which we make with our natural world. Our existence ticks along with every breath, sharing each earth’s rotation, and inherently asks for time taken to observe. We must look outward in order to be present inward. Being part of the natural world’s momentum creates pause enough to take the pressures of our internal world way. It offers relief, much like a walking meditation.

“If I am to be found anywhere, it is in your peaceful way of breathing and walking.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Step out of the vice and into a more present self, especially in regards to our relationship shared with children.

As you find your breath and match it to the weightlessness of the natural world, so does your child. Find your step and share your momentum with the sway of trees, the gentleness of the breeze, and the rhythm of life that buzzes and hums amongst the foliage – as you do this so will your child. Your ability to step out of the vice will reflect upon those that rely on you, and perhaps they will do the same for others as we all share this connection.

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