The Super Recycling Crusade Has Begun!

It’s official. I hand delivered the 600+ take-home bags for collecting “not trash” items to the faculty, staff and their classrooms today. Now it’s up to us and all our peers to spread the word and remind everyone what is SUPER RECYCLING!

Besides saving hundreds of pounds of plastic waste from the landfills, we hope to raise Terracycle points toward a monetary donation for our school. I’ve provided an eco-friendly incentive of a prize this year (a Bentgo® brand lunchbox) in hopes that the kids will be more motivated to nag their parents not to throw “it” away!

A sample of our flier.
It’s amazing what, with a little effort from your community,

We also have collection bins set up in the cafeteria which, after the kids are well established in the normal curriculum routines, I will give all grades an inservice on, so the newbies know what to do with all of those NOT TRASH goodies!

Smaller bins will go in the classrooms as well for drink and food pouches, granola bar wrappers, chip bags, plastic utensils, etc. And I’d love to remind them how to pack lunches that don’t produce waste (reusable utensils, napkins, homemade “ziplock” bags, etc). Let’s REDUCE and REFUSE to produce so much waste, starting at home and in our schools.

Banner photo by from Pexels


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